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Growing a Healthy Wisconsin

4th Grade Teacher Resources:

During your Wisconsin/social studies unit, use the Teacher Guide and Student Handout to discuss 16 foods produced on Wisconsin farms.
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Growing Wisconsin Agriculture

Discover what Wisconsin's Ag industry is all about. Watch this video produced by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Helpful Links:

Art & Science of Cheesemaking Video
Elementary school students will understand the art and science that goes into Wisconsin cheesemaking from the dairy cow to the dinner plate. (Select the education tab.)

Wisconsin Dairy Council Resources
Free online materials catalog and resources for Wisconsin educators from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Wisconsin Cheese
All things Wisconsin cheese, learn how to pronounce a cheese name, find its origin and other interesting facts.

Dairy Doing More
Learn more about the dairy industry in Wisconsin. View videos of real Wisconsin dairy farmers.

Dairy Impact
How important is the dairy industry to Wisconsin? These graphics highlight many different aspects from careers to cheese production. Download free high quality graphics for PowerPoint or Smart Board presentations.

The Flavor of Wisconsin for Kids by Terese Allen and Bobbie Malone
This colorful book gives youngsters a taste for hands-on history by showing how to create foods that link us to Wisconsin's heritage and resources. The authors designed a number of recipes with classroom activities in mind.

Nutritious, Delicious Wisconsin
More lessons exploring nutrition and local foods.

Alice in Dairyland
Learn more about Alice in Dairyland.

Alice in Dairyland - Travel Journal
Alice's travel journal is a great way to learn more about the agricultural industry in Wisconsin. Read about the schools Alice in Dairyland visits and the different businesses that help keep Wisconsin agriculture strong.

Ag in the Classroom
Ag in the Classroom is coordinated by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau and offers teacher lessons and activities along with fun facts.

Wisconsin Agribusiness Foundation
Order free student booklets to teach about agriculture in Wisconsin. This 4th grade publication teaches about agriculture through math, science, social studies, and language arts.

USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service
The USDA's national agriculture statistics service website where you can find Wisconsin's current rank in the nation's agriculture industry. Students can find how many cows and farms are in your Wisconsin county.

Savor Wisconsin
Website featuring producers, processors, and manufacturers of Wisconsin food and agricultural products, agricultural events and farmers markets.