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Rethink Your Drink

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Provide student awareness of beverage choices and nutritional factors they need to consider before making a beverage selection. Students will gain awareness of total sugar content from natural and added sources and key nutrient concerns in beverages by reading food labels and making informed decisions about choosing healthy beverages. Ultimately the goal of this lesson is to empower students to make healthier beverage choices.

The lesson plan from the Wisconsin Dairy Council consists of one 45-50 minute lesson which includes a hands-on group beverage station activity (save 20 minutes of class time for this).

The program can be implemented in either a kitchen-oriented setting, such as a Family and Consumer Education Class or in a regular classroom.

After taking the lesson, students will:

  • Be more aware of the essential nutritional benefits of milk
  • Know how to read the key parts of a Nutrition Facts label and have a greater understanding of what it means
  • Understand key nutrients and how they contribute to building healthy bodies
  • Make informed decisions regarding added sugar content when selecting beverages

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Helpful Links:

Wisconsin Dairy Council Resources
This website contains a free online materials catalog specifically for Wisconsin educators from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, tips for farm field trips and classroom activities

Chocolate Milk Has Muscle
Chocolate milk is strong for minds, bodies and school meals. This website addresses commonly asked questions about chocolate milk and provides valuable information about the latest research outlining the nutrition benefits of chocolate milk with school meals.

Sports Nutrition
Athletes need an ideal ratio of carbohydrates to protein to replenish energy used during exercise and to support muscle recovery. Parents, coaches and athletes can learn more about the healthy benefits of chocolate milk as a refueling beverage and download valuable information to distribute at sporting events.

There are a lot of beverage options out there and many claim to be healthy. Milk is natural. Nothing artificial. When you think of the essential nutrients in it including protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, milk is quite a value. Milk is truly nature's original nutrition drink.